If you’re here, prove it!

What is consciousness and the purity of existence? How are you here? What makes you alive? In the world and internally what is real and what is self perceived as reality.

Not why?? Not asking are you here, asking how are you here. Is yourself the ability to breathe, your lungs working, your liver functioning developing and growing helpfully… Is the living body what makes you alive. Do you die when the body dies? Does our Consciousness exist inside and outside? Or is it so that the body dies and us the soul dies similarly and thus the experiences die with the body.?? World versus the self-consciousness in a controlled hallucination. Anil Seth presents us with three possibilities.

I always tell my children how is for God the what and the why are for you to determine who you are in this life. determining who you are come from a vitriol of impulse responses that we generously call decisions.

What is consciousness in reality… This, and what is reality in consciousness?

The Auroral Song of Vibratory Holographic Conductors

The measurable human: being is an electric current, the human is a vibrating hologram. The vibration of humanity is created from DNA synchronistically and holographic vibrating and a measurable frequency. The vibration and frequency is a measurable altitude in hertz and megahertz. If 97% of our DNA is considered junk, and 95% of the universe is considered dark or empty space, then either we’re not seeing things clearly or the manifestation of Truth has yet to reach our understanding. The junk of DNA is not really junk at all, anymore than neutrinos and quarks are empty matter.

When we speak of man, we have a conception of humanity as a whole, and before applying scientific methods to the investigation of his movement we must accept this as a physical fact. But can anyone doubt to-day that all the millions of individuals and all the innumerable types and characters constitute an entity, a unit? Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them. I cut myself in the finger, and it pains me: this finger is a part of me. I see a friend hurt, and it hurts me, too: my friend and I are one. And now I see stricken down an enemy, a lump of matter which, of all the lumps of matter in the universe, I care least for, and it still grieves me. Does this not prove that each of us is only part of a whole?
For ages this idea has been proclaimed in the consummately wise teachings of religion, probably not alone as a means of insuring peace and harmony among men, but as a deeply founded truth. The Buddhist expresses it in one way, the Christian in another, but both say the same: We are all one. Metaphysical proofs are, however, not the only ones which we are able to bring forth in support of this idea. Science, too, recognizes this connectedness of separate individuals, though not quite in the same sense as it admits that the suns, planets, and moons of a constellation are one body, and there can be no doubt that it will be experimentally confirmed in times to come, when our means and methods for investigating psychical and other states and phenomena shall have been brought to great perfection. Still more: this one human being lives on and on. The individual is ephemeral, races and nations come and pass away, but man remains. Therein lies the profound difference between the individual and the whole.

As above so is below, so much like in the origin of birth and the human creation, hundreds of thousands of years in the making, the zygote floats in a mass of placenta, a clear and empty looking space that feeds the baby seed from the host. Similarly the empty space, dark matter or black of space, is harmonically vibrating with the universal us. Sound and gravity are not taking into consideration in Einstein’s theoretical assertions on quantum physics and the mechanics of the Hologram would not be complete without them.

Universally speaking Nothing is for nothing. Everything has its point and purpose, even when it is not clarified or understood buy the inhabitants. The vibration of the universe, the planets and the human body all have a resonant sonic vibration-it is a sound, the universal song. In the Quran, Allah says he invested in man His ‘Ruh’- translated as breath, but it came to be the song of Our Lives. The capacity to verbalize, live separately from one another and sing to the heavens. Every breath has its vibratory balancing and accounting of time spent. And with every breath we use the energy of the Breath of God to calculate that existence. That breath is a vibration, a Sonic resident vibratory existence proven only in space time frequencies.

If the Fibonacci sequence of Pi, time, space, gravity, electromagnetic mass and sound are correlated with the holigram of Humanity, we would fit into the patterns of the Flower of Life. We do. This is deriving the construct that we are the flower of humanity. Thus, so we are a sacred pattern created by the Breath of God, the auroral universe and it’s song is for All-ah 9 created.

The Quantum vibration allows for a piercing in the holographic Consciousness. Recognizing the existence of extra dimensional spirituality and acknowledging the Sonic vibration of everything on the planet from snowflakes and flowers to the body and megaliths of our ancient history. To get out of everything on Earth and in the universe is a resonant reflection of the song of the quantum hologram universality. We must break open the sacred 9, the Trinity and the frequency of existing in the hologram to see through to the other side of the Universal Song.

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.

-N. Tesla

Metaphysics and quantum physics have often been correlated although one is more based in science while the other is more based in spirituality. However the closeness of the two is becoming indecipherable. They’re both based in vibration, frequency and measurable harmonic enlightenment in the measurably practical.

Quantum physics or quantum mechanics is a fundamental branch of physics that deals with attempting to Define and understand the subatomic World. Substitute metaphysics, on the other hand, is the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of being, including abstract Concepts, such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, vibration and space: esoteric wisdom.

The comparative nature of metaphysics to the quantum entanglement is as similar as the Oneness of God is to the singularity of physics. In quantum physics singularity is the point in the voidance of the black hole. On a subatomic level everything enters and exists in the void. Including the way our eyes work filled with black holes and yet we see it clearly. The singularity of a point is the void of unknown Oneness of God consciousness. Consciousness is called the quantum field. That field of quantum magnetic energy is also called the electromagnetic field which in turn is also referred to as the aura of the spirit within Humanity. The holographic universe is a vibration or in physics a wave pattern, a frequency pattern and is within itself a realm of recognizable energy. Or in physics a dimension of energetic paradox. Period. A paradox being simply an unexplainable Acknowledging there is some level of confusion in the process of learning which indemnifies the similarities between the two. Quantum physics is paradoxical in nature and that we are still unfamiliar with it’s true nature and avoidance. The void is only voided and wanted to lack of recognition and misunderstanding. We are so afraid to debunk Newton and Einstein we might find ourselves stuck in an auroral field of magnetic electricity somewhere between Galileo and Tesla. Everything is made of subatomic matter in the universe and the frequency of the Schumann resonance that generates its own Aura around the planet can be condensed to the metaphysical nature of the merkaba of the Soul Space that is called the aura. So what is this mean… Our synchronicity and frequency and kinetic coexistence in quantum mechanics is technically the coexistence of religion, math and qualifiable scientific evidence.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

The Hologram is an auditory frequency that lends itself to the perception of the illusions of the dreamer. Accept the dream is extremely dense particlates, vibrating in an advanced virtual holographic program. Does the differential constructs from Galileo’s physics and Newtonian physics, which are both buttressed excipients, Tesla and we are still experiencing it through a Einstein quantum reality.

As in the double slit Theory, the Higgs boson effect has been conducted to prove the influence of how our observation of the Hologram affects every outcome. The photon sent through the initial slits are the perceivable universe, no Quantum acknowledgement… However the double slit experiment is the holographic acknowledgement of the multiplicity of the universal holographic truth. The bifurcation by fractal universe is proven when observed electrons bounced off of the barrier or the screen of our dimensional reality. In the bifractals of the proto eclectic mass, when not observed, the electrons would act as waves and make it through the barrier, double penetrating what would be our screen of reality. So with the Observer the proton Mass became a particle mass, without observation/interference of the on-lookers perception tainting what each Proto electric Mass could become, it becomes what it naturally is, a penetrating Force of reality. This concept is groundbreaking and that it indemnifies the truth of the holographic perceptions that can be pierced without cognition interrupting its possibilities. Our cognition can be the limitation to our reality. This is the blending of physics and metaphysics, and breaking of ground in the observable universe.

The Practical Point here is there that the representation of matter gives the impression that something exists. But the particle point in space-time does not allow for existence until observation. This indicates that the frequency of existence is all around us. But not until we observe it is it a particle point in our mess existence. The Hologram is the Divergence in the wave patterns, the frequencies have to differentiate one another in order to become a particle point of matter.

In my introduction and almost with everything I write, I say I am a thought that thinks, I might have to revise that… It seems that we are more like an infinite particle of mass experiencing ourselves and multiple frequencies of (mathematically quantifiable) interventions of observation. This is the Hologram. My reality. Your reality. Our Universal truths are built from the single point Theory of Oneness, singularity, and the holographic experience of that recognizable mass point. Frequency of harmonics is based in the universal language of music and that is bound in the frequency of the universal language: creation is math and sound. In quantum physics the connection between science and spiritual Traditions worldwide are the dimension oriented biokinetic Creations that is a cellular frequency shift… And observation point. Universally math and music have been known to appease the Gods. Hopefully we would see that all religions are sourced from these simple formulas holographic vibration.

Einstein said, “concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so low as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” and–“think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


Everything is Energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

From the mouths of geniuses, our holographic reality is our own creation. It is our observable universe. And the observation itself diminishes that frequency of the Hologram into Mass Point reality. That match point in reality is our agreed truth which becomes the mass point of our shared existence. Reality is a choice. The Hologram is the screen that projects the movie of our mind and who we are on to that reality and it plays like the song of the universe. This is how everyone’s Heaven and Hell can be individual. This is how reality and fantasy merge. This is the safety point of the wormhole and the singularity of the Soul.

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

That song that song is being played for assal in the resonant hologram of our reality. There is no greater acknowledgement and that of our Creator. And for our creator we sing!

Reality: We are a vibrant song…Harmonically resonating in the song of humanity, and a solfeggio like Fibonacci fractal pattern of observed existence. Like a morse code, I am a thought that thinks/thanks, uni-identified in ink and links.

-BB Houston

In Helen B Ande…

In Helen B Andelin’s book, Fascinating Womanhood, she refers to the woman as having two sides, the angle girl type and the refined lady, though I paraphrase the real characteristics of the two characters from Charles Dickens’ book David Copperfield. In fact, the book takes many of its sources from historical women and from examples provided in classic literature. As one of the “real life” women, Mumtaz Mahal ofTaj Mahal fame is cited as one of the ideal women who possessed both an Angelic and a Human side. More sources come from classic literature: Amelia (the original Domestic Goddess) of William Makepeace Thackeray‘s classic Vanity Fair; Agnes and Dora from David Copperfield (novel) by Charles Dickens; and Deruchette from Victor Hugo‘s Toilers of the Sea.
1. The “I Love Lucy” paradigm of modern womanhood is a liability on the future and a feminist state of fraudulence.

2. Our future is hinged on the growth of the societal growth of our population. which begins with our children being well reared and better educated. This starts at home with the mothering of a nation. The national standard for the mother/wife/homemaker/whore is a gamble at best and the percentiles of success of the modern day super-mom/woman/slut is in a viable stage for an upgraded revolution of quality before equality.

3. There is no competition in men for a real woman. There is only the gravitation of the educated child who knows his/her parents and thus knows him or herself to the dualism of sovereign status, both persona identification and self worth.

Finally I do agree that to be a “real woman” we must first recognize the real self of human kind and in that I agree with Eustice Tan. She has made valuable commitments to her work on fascinating women with their own amazing ability to be “real confident women.” That refinement spoken of earlier is a finishing polish we put on our best representation of the woman we are attempting to be. I often say to my daughters, “Act like the woman you are growing into!” I do believe that as children even we see our true selves and formulate opinions about who we are supposed to be and how we are supposed to be perceived by the men we know and the world at large. This is an excerpt from her site that better clarifies the modernity of the rather archaic ideal that I am prone to hold as truth:

The Dream of a Refined Womanhood

With blurred lines of society today, I write about my discovery of being a refined womanhood. Although we are all born with it intrinsically, it is a art that can be crafted and refined with knowledge.

How to be feminine

I embrace being a woman. I embrace femininity. That does not mean pink and ruffles and flowers. It means I am all woman.

I wasn’t like that always though. I grew up in a single-parent home and was once very confused with masculine and feminine traits. While I was never a tomboy, I had some negative attitudes or was just rather uninformed. Womanhood – I would define as qualities that are natural and characteristic of being a woman.

I believe all woman are entitled to certain knowledge. Knowledge that brings out their greatest potentials, the traits that make great men fall in love with, to have great dating relationships leading to marriage and having a great family after that.

I believe women should have the RIGHTS to this because it was designed by God Himself, that way. Gone were the days that had systems of passing this wealth of knowledge to their daughters, students. We have forgone them in exchange for other gains.

Though it is natural, many times modern society does not value or applaud it, manipulating us to be in want. I believe there is a call right now to all women out there, to return to our feminine roots. When we become the finest woman, we draw out the real men.

I believe all women have the knowledge rights to:

1) feel beautiful, and know how to enhance their own beauty

2) learn to have an elegant self confidence

how to be feminine and find true love

3) date elegantly, find true love and marry a gentleman

4) be highly skilled in the feminine arts

5) have a happy family at every stage of her life

6) be comfortable wonderfully in a home

7) be free to express feminine traits like fear of silly things that warm a man’s heart, or indulge in their natural behaviours of being caring, loving and nurturing

8) be indulged by gentlemanly behaviour such as carrying of their heavy books, repairing the sink, drilling holes into the walls and be treated like a queen by a fine man

9) be protected, guarded, loved

a feminine woman

10) learn how to draw out tender feelings of a man and have him be in love with you and you in him forever 11) learn to understand a man, support him to his finest, appreciate him, most of all, admire him.

12) know what is an ideal woman, from a male’s perspective

13) feel confident being in her relationship/marriage and how to have the best one on earth

14) knowledge in nurturing and bringing up her children.

15) to be a fine and gracious woman, bring inspiration to all around her!

For Kanye, Reprograming DNA: EPIGENETIC Mastery

Epigenetics of Descendants of the oppressed and its modern role in Eugenics, will make us choose victory over victimization…

Who we are, is how we have the power to change that overarching message of our DNA recorded messages. About our victimization versus our victorious nature of US. But virtues in the
Epigenetics of our melanin-nation and familial nature must be demoralized, dematerialized and diminished to be brought up at a much cheaper price… Our culture being sold as Trends on the market is an excellent example of how this is manifested. This is why Kanye can speak in the first place, his platform is based on that cheap fire sale on the slave block!

One main reason that racism exists in the first place is because there is an inherent fear of the power of the genetic pool of melanin rich people’s will and energetic magnetic exchange ability with God. Through, if not because of, “melination” we have the power that affects other people’s genetic communication deeply. Transmuting through sonar resonance on a genetic level indicates how strong that gene pool really is (‘longer storage life’), music is our proof. In the ancient times, as in the Antebellum South, peoples of color were genetically bred strength and endurance into our slave environments that were genetic imprints. That genetic imprint includes both the Good-bad and The Ugly. Consequently, all kinetic and static records on the chain can not only translate and be transmuted, but can also become the chemically magnetic exchange ability proven to be a beacon in darkness and a heightened ability for telecommunication. Telekinesis, being such a taboo subject, is overlooked as a possibility with the proper Sona resonance attached to those nodes on the DNA strand that resonate with space-time. Sonar, solar, Seoul, solid truth and insoluble proofs make up our constructs for reality. And yet we’re unwilling to evaluate what sound means to Einstein’s theory of relativity. What happened to Gravity in the original Theory, there was no application of sound to balance it, completing the merkabah that the equation should yield. Much like the same hair remains concepts of the breathing, pumping heart of universal SpaceTime, dark matter, and the reverse of a black hole, the holographic universe surrounds us like a plasma screen allowing us to protect our shared reality like a nucleus pushing out telling the cell what to become. Dr Lipton reiterated this point with his work. And from Dr Harriman, ( an honor I am bestowing he deserves it), the furthering of Buckminster Fuller’s Universal geodesic Circle that is the Flower of Life from ancient text going as far back as human history. There’s a reason this resonant geometry is balancing the universe and everything touches everything else like our fractal hologram produced by our Iris that is itself a fractal holographic spherical surrounding the Dark Matter field geodesic shape of the rods in our pupils. If we speak of the cones we are moving into resonance sound. The waves of sound effecting our vision? Yes, the eyes have it…on the solfeggio scale at 432Hz or on a scale we have yet to decipher… (possibly on the side of some pyramid we have yet to determine value for as yet), we see sonar waves in the auric field. There is a frequency there, playing all you solar emmissions. It is, in effect, changing our lives whether we realize it, recognize it or ignore it!

Just like your eyes are inherited on that chain of Gene recognition between Generations, those rods and cones have memory chips in them as well. Inside three chained nucleotides are codes for kingdom revolutions and abject slavery. Inside your DNA this and all of your ancestors are transmitted through the protein sleeve that it translates the messages. This is where we can literally harken DNA received data back to times when we are kings, queens and equally culpable conquerors!

Accepting racism is a thing, even as a misconstrued paradigm, about the misnomer of race, regarding colour (is a legal fiction,) We All Fall Down! Which brings us to your iconic ability to play a song, Rock a Beat, and flow on that beat so beautifully that we all recognize whatever truth you are emitting through that solar residence resonance.

This origin, as a concept race is a legal fiction created to foment the purposes of classism, a profile built to maintain decisive falsehoods of racism. These institutions were devised to divide and oppress. Effectively minimizing the valuation in melanin-nation genetic re-cognition and connectivity. Demolishing what it was/is meant for, the higher vibration of love, is the real goal of eugenicists and white nationalists lobbying to legalize this oppression.

Socioeconomic divisions and all related political and physical, devices and paradigms are all tools of these -isms. Eugenics was the early pseudo-genetic response to the representative genetic consequences of slavery. Were this any other race of people, in any other conversation slaves would be considered as P O W situation that precipitated slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow, Black’s Law and subsequently mass incarceration if these Descendants.

So, to my brother Kanye, slavery in its initiations was war-like and subsequently fraught with unprecedented dehumanization. Thus, however long it lasted, without the advantages of being educated about one’s epigenetics makeup, slavery was clearly outside of the control of the people who were bum rushed, overpowered, imprisoned, imported, monetized, brands and enslaved. Permanently, having been genetically marked, imprinted and never to return home again. No amount of singular self-control could have changed the nature of the entire population of a stolen people!

However, you were right that we do have a choice. Sure, we could have chosen to die on our feet and not live on our knees as a slave population.

Like the community, the school of fish in “Finding Nemo” escaping the catchers net, let’s all just swim down, go out in one big bang! If we’re going out, everybody stand up, and give it up! If we all fail together then we fail… together! Yet for those of us choosing death before dishonor, glory is upright. We are, on our feet, not submitting our souls and prostrating ourselves to the open enemies, not bended on cowed knees! But the horrors are yet still untold, dismissed, and deceptively belied by enemies who will keep you prostrate in ignorance! Eugenics had it’s pseudo-scientific Nazi Origins in the colored legal fiction of lobbies for the political privilege of a white nationalist agendas.

There trauma imbued associated triggers with both decisions. There is a karmic response in the DNA that remembers: We Are One; memory chips of us all remind us easily of the outcomes. With that said…
Many cannot be a witness to the whole play, while participating on stage as a player and share the same vantage point in perspective from two different locations in theater. Thus, at some point when it’s agreed that you’re on your feet and choose death, there’s a major level of trauma imbued in being the witness(es). Ok, watched you get shot, but I Stay! Is that brave? Maybe out of fear I could stay to fight another day. Yes, if I choose to stay on my knees because the guy next to me stood up and got shot, that is my choice, too. To then be on your knees you don’t want to get shot so you’re making a decision: “I would rather live on my knees”- at that point because “I’m too scared of being killed on my feet” and his point was still just that, a choice. Just IS. So, do you stand up and together we all go out (of this place) as one people, together? Yep, blow it up and destroy it for everybody, yes, Revolution isn’t comfortable… The antihero of revolution is luxurious comfort. Birth control starts with selection. Choosing death before the dishonor of slavery, is a choice! Choosing a life of slavery is dishonor, a kind of living death, a choice. Either choice all the decisive speak and doing is holding a memory chip data point for all the cells that come from your very beautiful possibilities of existence. You choose the holographic form of that reality, and epigenetically it affects every cell that precedes from that proton point!

Essentially we will have to destroy all the merchandise designed to suppress the truest self? We’re not going to live as slaves, you can’t have us, but that’s a choice that WE made individually about US: it becomes our new pattern, an epigenetic pattern, subverting the eugenics hypnosis, we are awake. I really believe that’s what you were trying to say, Kanye, to us all. These genetically modified derivatives affect us to this day. The decisions, each and every soul, every cell, every nuclei in our DNA we are now, resonates with the memory of that fear. With that the population itself would be absolutely diminished this completely limiting in the passing on of any genetically marked memory. How much of a choice do you have here, the choice to change now. There is always the choice should make the future of your cell life different then what you have known, it’s a choice!

Instead, say we were known to stand up and die on our feet: (to be clear, there is a active supremacist effort to eliminate the history of slave rebellions. They were numerous and everywhere! So with that to consider, as most people only see the few that were the most undeniable, we often forget of those that aren’t so well-known by the public. After all it is his story, but only if we allow our Victory to be claimed by usurpers. Okay, so let’s get into that idea of victory in the standing up. It too is a choice.

After a full-on rebellion, is what would definitively have made the slavery he’s referring to a kind of choice. If you’re willing to see it Through The Eyes of Victory and not victimization. Know, it’s the living on my knees, because I’m unwilling to die on my feet is that petrifying agreement in our social construct. However consider what is an optimal, if fatal decision, by which he makes a lot of sense to have a great point. In my last article, it’s referred to as superciliousness; it’s referenced as being on your high horse about being super sensitive and that actually is perpetuated this victimization of the black man. In it, I said “One cannot be a Victor and a victim at the same time” -anymore than you can be in prosperity and simultaneously in paucity of thought. It doesn’t work. We cannot be in fight or flight mode and create a masterpiece of creativity. You, me, us, we—Our human energy Aura field doesn’t work that way. So, while constructs that matter, they are on two ends of the spectrum. Because they’re on opposite ends, one cannot do both in similitudes; if willing to die on your feet, just means one is willing to sacrifice at all costs…yes, to the death is a choice! And this is a Victorious stance of Honor in the face of degradation. But what for those who stand, negates those who bend the knee. period. Are these truly opposites, or just different strategies that can ultimately result in the same hand. The willingness to live on one’s knees, while there is a exaggerated submissiveness, we must remember the slave can be the master in disguise. Hence the outrageous social injustice of American slavery, and it’s outcropping of white supremacy, the mirror need for it indicates the fear that exists if that perception is toppled.

(Antithetic concession; There may not appear to be any honor in the bending of the knee, however, by current social ColliNation we must recognize the truth of this level of submission. It can only be executed by the Victorious self.)

Look at how so many of the weaknesses in us have become propagated against us as a people in stereotypical volumes. WHY? – because we have allowed that hand binding to the neck position, on our knees to be our first thought, our icon, hell, our DNA results! We’ve gone along, comforted by what we thought were the rules of war and been willing to succumb to what eventually became slavery. Yet, at the time it was just a way of life at the time it was just a power move, a POW situation that got out of hand! And because too many of us were willing to live on our knees, we got tricked outside of the safety of our ancestors home… Our freedoms and out right to choose ProCreation.

Consequently, there have been situations and traumatic experiences inserted into the last 400 years of that chip. And it’s some of those circumstances were we fought back and we stood up and walk the f*** out as a whole unit, that spoke to us through the centuries. And in the witnessing we decided, “you can’t kill all of us,” we made a choice.

So, here we are, entering in this question about a fraudulent version of genetic manipulation– of our environment, atmosphere, good, medicine for physical and mental health–who’s doing the manipulating and why? Now, that’s how they get you, my dear brother, that’s how slavery is perpetuated…that’s how epigenetics recordings are now affected. I say that very literally. (Yeah I know, 911$–but no shade, however even mental health can be treated with natural remedies.) I’ve been there too, but that’s how I know. Our DNA has recorded us throughout the history of US and indigenous or dragged to this land most of us come from our own lands- originating in Africa directly (that’s why the POW situation) -all of us are here right now! You are the epigenetics speaking to us and the choice that we’re making is how we allow our environments to speak to who we are becoming. Presently, that again, is the choice. Saying we’re slave’s here and we’re oppressed here and yet we stay on our knees here then we’ve bent down and bow down here! It’s a choice!

I believe Kanye is saying, if we don’t make it so easy to cull us with our genetic basic fear. This meaning, every single time a police officer tries to assault you you don’t get on your knees, and lay to a position were you say, I’m not doing that” -then proceed in doing what a white man would naturally do -without being sentenced with that thought of paralyzing fear of a preeminent death sentence or prison time, including being legally armed… Standing in my truth and speaking up for my self/people! That’s how it’s a choice, we stay in the same circumstances where we were bred with the genetic circumstances of our environment and the programming of eugenics and similarly white supremacist input of environmental influences.

I’m not mad at him… So I said …

@kanyewest I love you man. It’s going to blow up before we grow up.

Yes… We were culled… Threats were real and still unfortunately normal in our daily reality.

The advent and subsequent waining of Reconstruction opened doors to more Black education and experience in reading the news on their social media Emmett Till’s America. Specifically and primarily print newspapers allowed the spot light for a nation to see his family’s norm… Of course this led to the Black Law period in US history and our epigenetics present that ushered in the Willie Lynch codes that still impact our social standing and representation worldwide to this day. be
Much the same as later, latertelevision shifted our attention about the black experience through Malcolm and Martin, video recorders did for Rodney King and cell phones had done for our generation of far too many more Emmett Till’s! It’s always sad that we still have this as a norm. Yet, it doesn’t seem to matter which era, the experiences still occurs. And regardless of the brightness of the spotlight shown on the matter… It’s us that need to change what we are focused on.

Epigenetics is real, I understand you’re saying that we can change the memory chip from this point forward. And love is the greatest force in the universe! #Dobetter

Yes I think he was having a misstep in his words, but his intentions are good. But I believe we’re being supercilious about this hypersensitivity.
The police and the president work for the people, because we’re not seeing it that way we’re putting ourselves in a deficit of power, I think his point is that the Democratic party plays on our issues with victimization. When you are a victim, being a Victor is harder to claim until you change the game. We have visual aids all around us, like in the 90s and the 70s and the 40s and the 20th, so why are we not more upset about the conversation he commented on about class. That should have been the real issue. Assessing the fact that there are multiple roles to be played in that class system, he clarified they’re not separated by color. My issue with him saying Obama was a standard-bearer that made people feel inferior was more of a concern than the comment about slavery. We should have a standard barrier, and they should Inspire us to be our greatest selves. That doesn’t make him an elitist, it makes us step our game up… Primarily so we can stop being victimized. Taking Victory required to living on our feet… But being willing to die before we live on our knees!

If you want to know more in about the origin of epigenetics, look up dr. James Lipton explain the details of the cellular proteins surrounding the DNA that shed light on this subject matter.

DNA: the memory chip of legacy

“We are susceptible to our DNA and the trauma visited on our ancestral memory chip thorough our bloodline. But the power of our will and our love can change it all”.

We all at some point see characteristics in ourselves, and immediately the thought occurs, where does this come from in me? The genetic proteins summarized in DNA Memory chip… Can be overwhelmed and over written by environmental engineering and altering DNA mimicking technology.

Ok Countrymen, Family and Friends…
Race is a misnomer, but racism is very real.
White supremacy is a ridiculous notion, but white nationalism is very much a policy creating Institution.
Victimization lends itself to sympathy not victory.
Classism in US, is far more of a dangerous issue than race distinctions, and over-emoting to the latter feeds the former.
Let’s talk the imprint of generational trauma do to the genetic makeup of the DNA replicate proteins. The same way you may look like your mother and have your grandfather’s hair… Your grandmother’s legs and your father’s eyes… Translation is derived from our imprinting of generational DNA transmutation. It is why our blood is so important in our society. It goes to race, status and class, and our general idea about our personal predilections physically, mentally and socially.

More than our good looks are translated on our DNA strands. For those of us who believe in what God says in the Bible, the Quran or the Torah… Be entreated yo Look closely. Whatever you believe, even if you’re in ufologist then look to the crop circles! The holographic universe is all around us an indicator of the importance of the meta-genetic strands that make us copies in a bloodline. Menues of memories ordered up by our ancestors and predecessors, like memory chips. So yes, we were enslaved more than physically, the imprinting of slavery acted for us much like the training of elephants in the circus. And just as effective. Part of the conversation about slavery being a choice, while extremely poorly and defensively stated, misrepresented the point that we can change the programming. However, Kanye, when you’re in flight or flight mode you don’t have the luxury of being creative.

Psychologically speaking, you either run or you die… In that moment you can’t stop and paint a beautiful picture, although we gave it our #Blacklove best by creating some amazing negro spirituals! That imprinting, imprinted more than color, kite, and familial similarities… That memory chip however can be overwritten like any other.
I don’t believe I need to defend a grown ass man in a country where we have the freedom of speech, however comma with that said:
I think Kanye’s point is that we have the power within our capacity to self-love and free will, as God says in every book, to change our perception and that’s our circumstances.

Take a closer look, it’s high time we’re blowing up the old paradigm of victimization. To become victors we must live on accident, and be willing to die for the ability to stand. To die on our knees is a choice. Knowing your enemy, has no bearing on how you choose to respond to the trauma, we can overwrite that old programming that makes us want to get on our knees because we’re told to do so by your enemy.

Believers or Patriots, you wouldn’t bow down to the devil-enemy, certainly not with Jesus, Muhammad or Joseph watching. In the study of epigenetics we are allowed a glimpse into the walls of DNA protein communication and the synaptic responses to environmental alterations. The old adage, change your mind and change your life… This is how we rewrite the DNA. We have to choose differently. if that means dying on our feet, versus living on our knees, we have to choose who we are the second the barrel is loaded. If genetics loads the gun, our decisions over trigger. Thanks Dr P.
I may not agree with everything said, but I would defend to the death your right to say it, on my feet, as my people do, As Americans who were indigenous to this country from the beginning. There is no victim and Victory, so that we no victory, we cannot take our hand bound to our neck, positioned on your knees. That’s real slavery… Real slavery assumes, Victory researches to level the playing field and stratagem.

I would rather live on my feet, then die on my knees. Changing my genetic makeup is a choice I am making with every decision for my children and my children’s Children’s sake.

The epigenetics of faith

According to dr. Bruce Lipton, we are never victims of our genetic makeup. In fact through his research, he is discovered that the misconception that DNA is controlled by the gene is victimizing of the cell structure. Apparently the cell structure is coded in the protein that is called a bilayer receptor proteinperiod on either side of this layer or chemical interactions originating from the environment, translating and trans mutating into the inner protein of the cell which provides duplicitously the creation of the gene which then responds inside the protein walls of the cell. And, simply, the environmental triggers, or stimulants from Environmental interactions, create a level of reception in the protein that is preceded by that protein and transmitted or communicated to the genetic reproduction of DNA Gene sequencing. Dispelling the has come at a price, dr. Lipton a Jewish Medical Professional, has grown a spontaneous perception of spirituality. Genes being self-actualizing, is a misnomer and a ridiculous victimizing of the cell and thus the self. Cancer cannot be self-actualizing without viral mental stimulants and perception acceptance from the carrier… 5% of our recognizable life is conscientious, 95% of our living is done by free program stimulation and response. The protein that is a physical building block of the body, and the genes are the blueprints of the body, thus the blueprint is only significant to the Builder. Gus DNA is a blueprint, with no on-and-off capacity, it cannot turn itself on, and that’s has no control to turn itself off. Genes are controlled by environmental signals, in humans the other nervous system, and more specifically through the perception of their environments. The toxicity of one’s environment creates an automatic response in the protein reception of the cell. That toxicity can create a toxic replication inside of the cell that will affect the DNA, however the DNA responds like a blueprint and print out whatever misrepresented toxicity imbued forward to seeing itself thru the environment. That’s the genetics can be Rewritten by your perception of the world around you, much like in the DNA strand when mRNA recreates a genetic strand it duplicates as it is cold, if the blueprint has been changed by the protein perception and thus the transmission of the message from the environmental stimulus, the body is in able to produce whatever changes the environment has stimulated it to perceive is needed to survive.

Personal power can then be perceived as the transmission through the filter of one’s perception, of the external environment and its effects on the replication of cells. That perception can alter the replication process. Thus, we create our own reality. When the spiritual perception of the exterior world is weekend by fear, in the fight or flight response, the perception then changes to acclimate for a successful fight, or flight response. Creativity and growth are not a priority in a moment of self-preservation. Likewise, the body, like a amazing spaceship, diverts power where it’s needed, when the body has signals from the environment that control the biology and prepare the body for salvation by diverting power to the body parts that are needed to access muscle and stress hormones in order to preserve the body! In that process however, growth is shut down, thought is limited due to diverted blood flow from the frontal lobe to the occipital lobes ability to respond to stress. Mind Over Matter is within, perception creates the reality, exterior Environmental frequencies are translated to the cell for reproduction. As above so is below.

Stem cells, which grow from embryonic cells, can be cultured and duplicate as identical, when affected by outside stimulus, different elements of each cell structure will manifest in different environments.Period. In this case the composition of the culture medium that each cell lives in. The overall culture medium for the human body is blood and self. The genetic identity of each cell structure was equal and identical, and in different dishes, Dr. Lipton discovered that one picture disc screw fat cells, another group lung cells and the last because liver cells… He then discovered that the human body is a culture medium 4 the control of the genetics of the behaviors of the cell for each presentation of that body. The chemical composition of the culture medium controls the fate of the cells both in the lab and in humanity. What controls the chemistry of the blood? The brain is the chemist, which makes the blood and finally the chemistry of how the brain programs the blood is the electronic charge of life, also known as God’s energy. This is where the expression of love comes into the chemical nature of humanity and presents the construct of the attractiveness and gross of humanity and it’s God bless Beauty. Chemistry is based on love, health, happiness and perception of what faith is.The culture medium of the body changes and creates new life through the perception of the Mind, Body, Soul connection to the body through perception. When you’re in love you feel high, you’re able to create and rarely think of pain and disappointment, it’s a drug. The face one has in the feeling is based in the perception and the filter with which one perceives the world, when the reality is altered, the perception filter is changed. The world would seem different to someone in love through the filter of Love, versus the perception of fear of not having creating the paucity of thought. The perception of fear leads to a biological consequence of not growing, but diverting all powers to fight or flight response. The effect of Love on the body, allows the body to create, heal and chemically induces feel good hormones and healing through the interpretation of the minds perception of the filter that is love. It’s often said that positive thinking can change your mind, apparently it is chemically true.

The human mind has nearly 70,000 thoughts a day. The chemistry of the brain affects the behavior do to the picture that is held in the mind about the body. Thus the Placebo versus the nocebo affect can identify the body’s capacity of the body’s ability to heal itself and utilize its perception actually released it heal itself, or manifest negative body experiences.

Through the visible, material, and mechanical world we take on the perception of reality. In The Invisible realm, ether, Spirit, space that is considered in physics as dark matter, weather physical power or information it affects the physical body through energy input. In Newtonian physics, the mechanics of the universe leaves out the construct of the quantum mechanics of the spirit or personality. The formation of the cell can be influenced by the perception filter and us the personality and thoughts must be energy. The electro magnetic experience of humanity is a part of the external experience and the transmission through the body that also effects the body’s ability to connect to the soul. Fundamentally, your thoughts, which are energy and information, are not just contained in your body. Our broadcasted field of information that shares space with other broadcasts, (like radio stations). Thus the more people that share that thought or amplification of an energy in that field, those energy fields can collectively become a manifestation of our shared beliefs and faith.

In Dr lipton’s work on epigenetics and determining the affects the blood and cells work electromagnetically as a unit, this is why it’s hard to transfer organs and the body rejects the effort initially, stress receptors have to be inserted to the brain to shut down the immune system enough for the body to accept the transplant. Likewise energy connects the same way. The self and the cell recognize itself, its identity is recognized above all others to the cell and the self. It is the equivalent of a Remote device or a Bluetooth that is already a signal being received by the self receptors of the cell and the person. Our bodies are the radio, our spirit is the antenna receiving a signal the signal is The Whisper Of God that creates each one of us, as a thought that thinks. My body, is playing the BB show, Doctor Lipton’s body is playing the Bruce show, likewise, your body is playing the you show. Our identity is not built into the body, much like the TV station is not built into the mechanical television, the machine can be replaced and the reception of the broadcast goes on indefinitely. This lends itself to the conversation regarding metaphysical and emotional broadcasting and downloading is consciousness. This assumes that we’re Immortal Spirits… Sensations are derived from the cells and the genetically modified reality of perception of reality in every Carnation. Faith and dwindled frequencies bring the illusion of the holographic universe. The truth is what our perception redirected as with info we perceived. We are all the thoughts we think.

The Burden of Beauty: Chronicle X

💋 #TheFeminineMystique Elite, #PrettyGirlProblems

In the words of Jessica Rabbit, I’m not bad, I was just drawn this way! There’s a long history of vilifying beautiful women for the power they possess to alter their opponents mind about their possible intentions. This is really yet another power of the Feminine Mystique as Helen B andelin put it the, feminine Elite, or as with the Emotionless Pussy Monster there is that feminine mistake of not knowing the truth of this powerful ability to use one’s from an entity as a tool of self-protection. How this became vilified is as old as the story of mankind and self. The ability for a beautiful woman to sway a man in his thinking, will or desire comma can be viewed as a stealthy weapon only given to those feminine tacticians who know exactly how to wield this power. The Fear Factor is in those who may in fact be susceptible to this powerful skill period in the days of femininity lost in the muck and mire of patriarchy and the dissonance created by a male-dominated wartime. Those days are still upon us, and as we fight and push back with our words and our marches, we may be overlooking a greater issue, we should be diffusing this conversation of effeminate disparaging due to the beauty being so irresistible one had to reach out and grab the pussy! Your honor, she was enticing me with her eyes, her lips, the way she walked, her clothes, her skin tone, her mere existence! She scared me, I reacted, because I wasn’t sure what she could make me do! Something along those lines, and evidently shifting any misdeed, misbehavior, or misunderstanding of ‘No’can be blamed on the recipient of The Unwanted attention! Beauty strikes again! She did it with her pretty! Yeah, that’s a reasonable argument.

“All she had to do was give me that look, and I was gone!” How many times has a guy said that as an excuse for a misconduct! Unspoken agreements often happen when the participants are in an emotional entanglement… But that does not mean misunderstanding did not occur. That’s you create an opponent, even inadvertently, the opponent becomes whoever is possibly subjugated to that power, even unwittingly. Often times there are no greater opponents than the gay men who do not come to it but instead. More true then not, if you’re a real woman representing, they will admire you… Emulate you even. When you’re wasting that gift the see as a power, they often tend to despise that as the wasting of the gift.

The emotionless pussy monster, (being ferocious appetites of the Feminine Mystique unabated by rules or gender rolls), employs the idea of femininity as both a quelling and a distraction for the purpose of the grift. Often presented as the representative this characteristic is witnessed as whatever its intended user had presented it to achieve. If this gift is used to displaced trust or take advantage of the masculine ego, (also an emotionless pussy Monster Roll,) that mistrust then translates into a greater social construct. This mistrust and fear of the feminine mastering of the pussy monster can often look like the oppression of the feminine. Weather in men or women this is so then further repressed by the idea of never being dominated by the effeminate characterization unless it serves a social purpose. For a woman being protected by the service of men this world has its characteristics and purposes in retaining a sense of weakness and need. This role has been in modern times, rejected by the feminist perspective, and super implanted with the construct of equality in gender roles. However this is also a pussy monster construct, the fear that being feminine is not enough, but somehow there is in fact a weakness in the effeminate, and that the reception of that weakness is in truth the feminine mistake. But that is not the case, in fact there is more strength and what appears week, when in fact the strength is in the appearance… Surprisingly while this is feared by men and those of the male ego construct, this is often overlooked by the feminist who see more weakness in a strength than the strength itself that appears week.

While these hazards of beauty are wrestled within our social paradigm, this issue of the battle of the sexes, has been around for Millenia. Pretty girl problems persist inside of social constructs as well as personal relationships comma between men and women. The Feminine Mystique requires us to remember what makes us different does not make us weaker. There is no weakness and femininity except that which is misperceived by someone who has decided they’re not strong enough to deal with the feminine. In the car on, there is an allusion to the idea that God has made each of us with our own strengths, and one has a strength above the other. However In this passage you never discusses which one has with strength, nor which was greater than the other. Food for thought, pretty girl problems are just challenges like all the others! Eventually as we age, the issue faced matters and what we think about and think about is a reality.

I am a thought that think… Synergize in holographic links.

I am a thought that thinks in pen ink and links…folding up the me and integrating into we.

I think there for I am within the All.

The frequency of the universe exists within and without. As above so is below, emanating from the center of our galaxy is the singular electromagnetic frequency sounding on a musical scale at 432 Hertz. The harmonic tone 432 Hertz is a resonant unit divisible by Pi, as with everything else in the universe. 440 Hertz is a chaotic and separate couches sound. It is a divisive frequency of flattened tones.

The effort to flatten the tone is to minimize the frequency of Converse and universe. This is a brain child of Nazi Germany and the Nazi Eugenics agenda. The cosmic 432 divisible by pi and 9 indicates the truth of the matter. Numbers divisible by 3, 6 & 9 are harmonic frequency of the universal truths. Numbers divisible by 9 are harmonic in the Hologram and creative in Universal construct. Verses how the 432 Hertz scale works. You can see clearly that 440 is divisible by 9 with a series of decimal points. At 48.88, there is a division by 9 again, 16.333 equals 7.9 this is not a universal truth. Unusually divisionibility by 7 is a man-made resonance of God. The ancient Acoustics symbionts of the pyramids of the Giza plateau are resonant at 432A.

My feeling is religious insofar as I am imbued with the consciousness of the insufficiency of the human mind to understand more deeply the harmony of the Universe which we try to formulate as “laws of nature”.

In the and the prayers of most world religions a 432 selvaggio harmonic is reached in prayer tones. Also considered the sound of the universe and the holographic resonance of the human body chambers.

Much like the flower of life represents the physical Dimension were in at this resonant 3D reality. The fourth and fifth dimensions are gorgeous and they’re even more intricate and delicate hydronic states. in the aisaka & dodecahedron combined make the 5th dimensional harmonic which means the magnetosphere of that Dimension is different.

The sound of our Consciousness is 432 Hertz…that is the Flower of Life visually is the 3rd dimension hailing the hologram. The ice octahedron mixed with a dodecahedron, create new meridians and that’s more energetic centers which create more dimensional hologram visualization. Listen to sacred geometry music and recognize the pattern of the frequency and its effects on the body. There are lots of YouTubers who have posted binaural beats to help you see this. The star tetrahedron is the form of the merkaba that surrounds the singularity of self. Many ancients have recognized this fact and utilized art, music and math to identify the important sacred truth of our reality, however holographic.

Hello world!

This is my first real blog site…but I have been a bit remiss in getting back to WordPress…and it is shameful, since this is an awesome site and often read other bloggers who give awesome accounts of the realities of their lives, passions and observational commentaries.  I love that.  I am, however, a little skeptical to offer up myself in links more thank ink, simply because of the nature of my blogger thoughts…I am a little controversial in my thinking!  I admit, there is a nerd inside the glamazon that is Bebe Houston, my alter, and yet there is a real sense of my value of the world and my fellow womb’s of man.  Recognizing this, it is not often I will upload all of my blogged thoughts.  There are too many seriously controversial topics that must be stood on without waiver, there in lies the rub…because while I am willing to claim the belief system of my people, I am sometimes not willing to share those precepts with the world…so many of these are private for the sake of security, not apathy.

It is my sincere wish to offer whatever enlightenment I may have for the world and my people, but it may come at the price of my privacy…so if you really want to know…you may have to be brave enough to ask.  If there are any questions about the subjects posted, feel free to leave a comment and don’t hesitate to ask questions.  I will do my best offer what I can to the love I have for you my fellow man:)

God bless you with restful peace

BB Houston